We are members of the Guild of Floor Covering Installers of the Czech Republic

The Guild of Floor Covering Installers has been on the Czech market for 25 years and its reputation on the domestic market is growing year by year. Membership is open only for floor covering companies that have been thoroughly examined, manufacturers of floor coverings and accessories, and other professionals in the branch whose quality the Guild can guarantee. This was one of the main reasons why we became interested in the membership. We wanted to verify that not only the end customer, but also a qualified expert in the same branch can appreciate how we approach the production of our floor coverings.

In March 2022, the successful leader Mr. Josef Voborník defended his position as the chairman of the Guild at the General Assembly of the Guild of Floor Covering Installers of the Czech Republic at the castle Hluboká nad Vltavou, which we attended year for the first time in that year. And because we had an opportunity to meet him personally, we confirmed that he would continue to lead the Guild in the right direction. He is a very creative, likeable and goal-oriented person who knows exactly what to demand from the members of the Guild and “his screen” would not be passed by each company that applies for the membership. The same admiration belongs to the director Mr. Martin Pertl who is the “right hand of the chairman” and also has great merit in what the Guild has become in recent years.

And on what basis did we pass through this imaginary screen and become regular members of the Guild? It was mainly due to the fact that our products (3-layer timber floorings) can be ranked among the ones of the best quality that a Czech flooring manufacturer can offer. The Guild appreciated not only 30 years of our experience, but also the need to go ahead and implement new technologies that would help to improve the quality and efficiency in the production process continuously.

We would like to thank the Guild for their kindly welcome, as well as the opportunities, contacts and information, which surely enrich us, so we can continue our work with pleasure.

Team of the Stipcak Company