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Timber flooring HONEY GOLD Select | brushed

The floor covering HONEY GOLD includes honey-golden tones. Due to carefully selected boards with almost no knots, the version SELECT gives a beautifully harmonic impression. BRUSHING as the surface treatment applied beautifully accentuated the relief on timber surface, so the flooring gets its natural origin and gives a rustic impressions. This finish is ideal if we want to achieve a stronger impression of natural material.
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Timber flooring HONEY GOLD Rustic – noticeable | rasped, burned, filled

The HONEY GOLD flooring comes in honey-golden tones. The RUSTIC-STRIKING variant contains large, natural knots, cracks and partial sapwood. Some of them are filled in a contrasting color. This quality has a very rustic appearance and is characterized by the unmistakable look. FILLING as a kind of surface treatment beautifully highlights cracks, knots and other natural surface "defects" of the wood. We use it when we want to even more accentuate the natural appearance of the wood. BURNING as another finish means an added value. This shifts the colour of the floor covering from honey-golden shades to quite dark caramel-brown shades. And the result? An absolutely unique look that is not interchangeable with anything else. RASPING brought us round to the final look. This style gently distorts the surface of the floor covering to create a rougher relief. It is used if we want to achieve an even more rustic look of the floor covering.