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Timber flooring PURE GLOSS Rustic – fine | sawing effect, filled

The PURE GLOSS floor covering is treated with a colourless oil with a gloss effect. This turns the floor covering colour into warm tones even without the use of pigment. The RUSTIC-FINE variant contains small knots, some of which are replaced with filling of  a shade similar to the floor, so that they don´t significantly disturb the general impression. The scratches are also possible and these factors make the floor covering feature really natural. The surface treatment with  SAWING EFFECT has given the surface a specific grooved texture and this violation makes the floor covering less predisposed to surface damage. The surface then shifts the floor appearance even further to the vintage style. This finish is ideal if we want to achieve "old look" of the floor covering, close to raw wood. FILLING as another finishing method means an added value.  This style highlights scratches, knots and other natural surface "defects" of the timber. We use this method when we want to even more admit natural appearance of the timber.